How to use SaySom

Antonia Pervanidis, Co-founder

June 15, 2021

Let’s bring people back together.


  • Use SaySom in Chrome – trust me it, works best
  • Make sure you don’t use your camera and microphone for any other system, or we won’t be able to access them. It’s best to leave third-party systems like Zoom or Microsoft Teams in advance.
  • If possible, turn off your firewall

Join the space

  • You can join the space by clicking the “Join” button or by tearing the ticket from top to bottom
  • Please enter your name. Your name will be visible to other participants
  • To access your camera and microphone we need your permission. This will allow other participants to see and hear you
  • Click the “join” button to join the room.

Happy networking


SaySom is free for 60 minutes and 20 participants, you need more time and space?


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