Bringing people back together

Never before humanity has been so connected and at the same time so far away from each other. But the most beautiful moments are the ones you can share with someone else - no matter if it`'s in business or private life. Together, despite distance. This is exactly what SaySom has made its goal: to reconnect people with each other.

Our Values


We own our behaviour, keep our promises, value honesty, honor the community environment in wich we operate and embrace diversity.


We use creativity and persistence to solve problems. We deeply respects the knowledge, skills, ideas, and capabilities that each employee brings to the team.


Empower those around you. Share what you know and attempt to make those around you better than yourself.


We believe that integrity is at the heart of our individual and corporate actions.


The founding team got to know each other in their school days and stayed in touch despite various educational backgrounds. With similar problems in mind, they developed SaySom in June 2020 - a digital space for groups to connect, collaborate and create memories.

Cornelius Carl

CEO & Co-founder

Antonia Pervanidis

CMO & Co-founder

Jan-Niklas Dihlmann

CPO & Co-founder

Nicolas Mahren