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Turn your networking event into something special and give your
participants a memorable experience no matter where they are.

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How it works

A new form of lifelike communication

SaySom is 100% participant centric.

We are convinced that networking is only fun when participants decide for themselves who they want to talk to. No breakout-rooms or blind calling.

  • Spatial audio

  • Dynamic groups

  • Private groups


A live video notification that everyone in the space is able to hear. Moderation as easy as it colud be. Moderators can be assigned throughout the event, to give the opportunity to speak to the entire space.

Use the megaphone to reach everybody

Spatial Chat

Coming Soon

Want to share a link or talk to others while your microphone is off? No problem, just chat locally. Talk in private with one other person or send notifactions into a bubble or to the whole space.

Talk in private with one other person or send notifactions into a bubble or to the whole space.

How to use

A unmatched form of flexibility for networking events

SaySom for Networking

Sometimes it's hard to network digitally. We know that. At SaySom, we keep the barriers to reaching out to someone new as low as possible. Did you know that videos of other participants are permanently displayed?

Design your space the way you want it. With a speed dating area, for example, you incentivize your participants to get to know others.

SaySom for Fun

Whether after-work, birthday celebration or summer party. Sometimes you just want a little fun at a digital event. Set up individuall games for your participant to light up the mood.

You want to give your event a special kick? On request we integrate livestreams, videos or other formats.

SaySom for Workshops

Do you want your participants to interact with each other in specific groups? Design your space according to your individual logic and show your participants ways they should go. How you design the space is your decision!

SaySom for Presentation

Your event has different agenda items? No problem at all. Give moderation rights and allow speakers to address the entire room.

You have a panel discussion? Just give moderation rights to several speakers and they can address the whole room at the same time and disscuss.


Every event is individual. That's why we put great emphasis on customizability. Create your individual space as simple as drag and drop. Simply drag areas, images, shapes or paths into your space and adapt it according to your personal needs.

Use built-in tools to customize your space to your needs


For very large and diverse audience a space can be split into multiple sub spaces. This makes group control easier and additonally allows participants to jump between multiple presentation sessions.

Split a space into multiple subspaces to gain more flexibility

What you get

We listen to our customers and design and refine SaySom after their needs.


Coming Soon

Learn from your participants activity. We create a fully anonymus heatmap for you.

Analytics for your space

Participant Satisfaction

We are proud to say that participants and hosts love SaySom with a rating of 4.8 / 5.0. Need help setting up or designing your space? We have your back! Even during your event.

4.8 Stars


Not sure if your participants need assistance using SaySom? We are here to help. Qualified staff will support you in preparation and during the event.

24 / 7


Vector Informatik

Finally, lasting networking in the digital space. The team behind SaySom supported us wonderfully during the event and in the preparation. Our participants were thrilled!

Thomas Wieland


We at Personio used Saysom for our virtual HR experience, H.U.G Digital, with over 5500 attendees. The team at Saysom made it possible to easily integrate the networking solution into our Event Tool and to customise it to our Event! Thanks for supporting us all the time and providing the best possible user experience for our participants.

Helena Korff


Saysom is awesome! – playfull and a creativity booster! It finally reconnected us to our innovation community!

Mika Mänz

Media Lab Bayern

Saysom gave the networking area at our digital community event its very own charm and combines fun and networking in one. This is how digital events can finally be fun again. At our digital community event everyone loved it!

Alicia Enenkel

Media Lab Bayern

Unmatched Featureset

And even more is yet so close to become reality


SaySom is free for 60 minutes and 20 participants, you need more time and space?


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