How to set up your Space

Antonia Pervanidis, Co-founder

July 28, 2021

How to setup your personal SaySom Space

To create your personal SaySom event, you must first register on SaySom. After your registration, you can create your own free Space. 

Creating a Space is still as simple as it could be, just hit the “Create Space” button on our website, give your Space a logo and title, click “Create Space” and you are ready to network.

One of the main features of SaySom is that you can design your space according to your wishes. Your room still looks a bit empty and you want to bring more life into it? Open up the edit Area menu on the right-hand side by clicking on the black rectangle under the games menu icon. On the top, you will find options to change the space name, colors, or logo. You can even adjust the moderator color here. Below you will find the Areas section. Hit the + button to create a new Area or click the edit button to change the settings for an existing Area. After changing some settings, do not forget to hit the “save” button to make the changes visible and permanent for all users.

Once you created the Area you will see the settings panel for your new area. Here you can adjust its label, size, position, and even the content. Want to upload a picture, let your attendees have some fun, or just pick a color for your Area? Just search for the appropriate content in the list and upload the desired content. After setting up your Area do not forget to hit the “save” button. 

Keep in mind

When adding images to your Area we recommend keeping the same ratio in size for your Area as your image. 

When lowering the X value, the Area will move to the left-hand side. When lowering the Y value, the Area will move downwards.


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